Launch Report – July 2021

We wanted to update you, our community, about what we at Launch have managed to accomplish in recent months. First, we recently became 501(c)3 certified! This means that any donations that we receive are tax deductible. Additionally, we have expanded our staff to include volunteers from the Lancaster community and Franklin & Marshall College collaborating in a virtual workplace. 

We have made several advancements in our program areas, particularly our Health Prep Kits and our Blog. With help from our community partners we have managed to distribute over 250 of our Health Prep Kits. In March, our volunteer staff visited Lancaster City Housing Authority’s public housing to distribute Health Prep Kits and explain their use during a community COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

 Our Blog section, Launch Dialogue, has received a written narrative contribution by Dr. Alan Peterson entitled “When to Accept Help” in which he writes about his experience with a former patient with memory loss. Meanwhile, our Launch Awareness section has several interesting articles with information on a variety of topics. Check out our multi-part “Launch Vaccine Series” to learn more about the past and present of vaccines, or take a look at our most recent article about food deserts, “Food Desert in America: Not Just a Geographical Issue”. Please feel free to share!

In the upcoming weeks we plan to have more Health Prep Kit distribution events, some COVID considerate in-person clinical workshops, and more engaging and informative blog posts.  

Expect a Launch Report update at the beginning of every month!

A Quick Thank You To Some Of Our Amazing Community Collaborators

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